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With a boutique agency philosophy, we seamlessly integrate the advantages of larger companies' facilities and the human values and attention to detail found in smaller agencies, offering unparalleled client care through expert event management.

Over 15 years of experience, I have developed a rich knowledge and understanding of the event and hospitality worlds: resulting in our reputation for creating truly unforgettable moments & exclusive lifestyle management assistance.

NOVAE is a master in the art of mixing and matching substantial details to produce vibrant and innovative events that aim both for my corporate and private clients. Open to all creative opportunities and aiming to conceive an event with ambition from its inception, my primary goal is to create a unique trend and signature for your event with surprising ideas.

Developing and improving our knowledge and skill sets is key, as well as making a difference in what we do. Caring passionately about our values means respecting people, whether it is our team, clients or suppliers and the environment we work in.
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There is nothing we enjoy more than being given a blank canvas from which our know-how and inspiration will make wonders thus turning even your tiniest needs and expectations into wonderful masterpiece.
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